Biodegradable Bags


Biodegradable Bags

Environmental issues are important to everyone.

We are doing our part by offering bags that are both 100% biodegradable and 100% recyclable! Our biodegradable bags break down completely when in contact with other decomposing materials, in compost bins, landfills, or just buried in the ground. These bags can also be recycled along with regular plastic bags. Unlike more expensive starch-based compostable bags and oxo-biodegradable bags, these bags won’t degrade in the presence of oxygen, heat, or sunlight, so they can also be reused until no longer serviceable. Any bag we make can be produced as biodegradable and adds just a small premium to the total cost of your bags.
Our biodegradable bags are made using traditional resins combined with an additive that allows the plastic to biodegrade completely within a few years.

“This Bag is Biodegradable” Logos

When we make biodegradable bags, we also print a logo on your bag letting the recipient of the bag know the bags are biodegradable and can be recycled.