Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle


Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

REDUCE your consumption, REUSE when possible, and RECYCLE when the product is no longer usable.

Plastic bags are classified as a “single use” product, but studies show that 90% of the population reuses plastic bags at least once. By reusing old bags, you also reduce your consumption. If you collect too many of them, bag them up and return them to the grocery store for recycling. Many municipalities recycle plastic bags and most grocery stores have a bin to recycle bags. Plastic bags are easily recycled into raw material to re-make bags or other products. Below are some simple solutions for reusing bags instead of just tossing them in the trash:

  • Reuse them on your next visit to the store
  • Use for trash bags or waste basket liners.
  • Use for dog waste clean up, cat box clean up
  • Take them to the pool or club to put wet swimsuits and towels in.

Our reusable bags reduce consumption by being… well, reusable! Most of our reusable bags can be reused hundreds of times. Many of these can be washed, and most are either 100% recyclable or biodegradable when they’ve reached their useful life and are properly recycled or disposed of.